El nivel educativo de los trabajadores como factor de crecimiento económico. Análisis comparativo entre Galicia y España

Autor: Caneda González, Anabel

ISBN/ISSN: 84-8158-151-8

Categoría: Banda vermella - Serie Humanidades e Ciencias Xurídico-Sociais

Ano de edición: 2000

Formato: 17 x 24 cm

Número de páginas: 174

PVP: 10.82 euros

This book deals with the education of workers and the impact on the econnomic growth of Galicia and Spain. The flexibility and ability to learn associated with a good education are also important determinants of the capacity of workers to adapt to technological change. Both effects have been approximated by principal components and these indicators of human capital have been introducted, together with capital and labour, in a translog production function. Using cointegration techniques, we have estimated the relationships between the variables that define the productive processes of the Galician and global Spanish economies. We have analyzed the convergence betweeen Galicia and Spain in the same direction as the papers published by Bernard and Durlauf in 1995 and 1996.

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